Tim Walsh

Biographical Outline

1946: Born in Port Chester, NY.

1960’s: after active Army duty, begins a serious interest in painting, while in college, majoring in Spanish Literature. Receives B.A. (Fine Arts minor) from Colgate University.

1970’s: completes Army service; studies briefly at Art Students League with Theodoros Stamos; enters University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts in Painting, with full scholarship; studies with James Brooks, Jimmy Ernst, Angelo Savelli, Neil Welliver; granted final year out of residence; studies and paints in France, Ireland, Spain; receives M.F. A. in Painting; large acrylic paintings are referred to by critic Clement Greenberg and others as “lyrical abstractions”; exhibits in community galleries in Pennsylvania, New York, and California; paints and studies in Mexico for the first time; teaches art in various conventional and unconventional venues; works as a ceramics factory worker in northern California.

1980’s: creates or designs public art projects in California, Arizona, Mexico, and the Philippines, often in collaboration with local artists; produces representational paintings in oil; produces series of prints (intaglio, monotype) that explore memories of military service and other topics; exhibits in cafes and community centers; teaches ESL, drives truck, works as a turbine engine repair technician in US and Venezuela. Receives MA degree in English from San Francisco State University. Reads poetry in various commercial venues in New York State. Begins coloring/literacy book project.

1990s: returns to New York; marries painter Ruth Tepper; sets up home studio on Upper West Side; painting becomes more abstract; teaches in public schools; begins “Cobija” series.

2000s: sets up studio on Upper West Side; paints abstracted landscapes; produces series of 40 paintings entitled “Spaces of the World”; hosts four studio shows; teaches at various colleges and community organizations; one man show (Art Under Construction gallery), group show (532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel); exhibits in ten semi-annual invitational group shows in TriBeCa over a five-year period; sets up website; receives Ph.D. in Multilingual Education; writes promotional art reviews for contemporary art gallery.

2010s: sets up Harlem studio; paints numerous triptychs, and abstracted landscapes or lyrical abstractions on paper and canvas, using acrylic and oil paint; draws extensively from the landscape and cityscape; studies papermaking and fabric dyeing in Mexico; collaborates with Mexican fiber artist; begins series of “miniatures” in oil pastel or acrylic; begins series “Methane It Rots Your Brain,” in response to methane emissions and “fracking”; begins series of Hudson River drawings and paintings; works with Mexican American children and youth in studio, making traditional Mexican pull toys; visits Italy, drawing from master paintings and sculptures; one-man exhibit (“Hope/Esperanza”) at Manhattan’s Interchurch Center. Creates comic book in response to Trump’s Wall; begins painting series “I pini di Roma”; paints triptychs on a variety of themes; collaborates with Mexican artisans on the project entitled “Free Migration.” Temporary installation of “La Pasión” project in churches and sacred spaces.

List of collectors available on request.