Haikai of Anywhere

my old friend stares out

sees strings of tiny tots

following their leader

a cloud dims the light

wanders on, chased by the sun

sweeping the sky clean

on the long foodline

the women chatter together

the men stare at the sky

a leaf turns its head

wanders away from its twig

and then falls

man limps up the street

with a bouquet of red roses

sun coaxes new buds

hidden all winter, unborn

now ecstatic green

in his frosty camp

the bearded hermit listens

hears the deer joking

each Spring leaf a thought

each blossom a free moment

as the show begins

the night wind pushes 

an empty grey shopping cart

its rasping black wheels

green trees are cheering

the tender autumn birds

golden their farewells

rain feeds the dark lake

a waterfall grows downstream

one loon is crying

swimmers poke the lake

the only gull slices by

is that a turtle?

The big black bass I didn’t catch

Laughed at me all night long

The waves are so tiny

Even the lily pads ignore them

Six blue jays argue

While the blue heron stretches

Making up his mind

Green fly hides on lily pad

As blue dragonfly sweeps by

Clouds peer down at us

Morning pines, a flag blowing

One flag, any flag

beak full of catkins

sparrow hunts for just one more

grabs it and flies off

kissed by the river

standing in a withered rank

just plain black pilings

under a gray sun

old men on green benches

some chant marching songs

the monk by the pond

smears his ink, wipes his paper

trying to draw rain.

the light on the tracks

pushed on by a moving train

soon forgets itself

Night wind in blue light.

A mirror of violins.

Crimson star, white swan.

Ego on, then off.

Here I am, see, now I’m not.

Lightning bug. Firefly.

Monkey finger clouds

suggest a change in weather.

Someone tell the ice!

behind dark windows

up there in their private club.

two lovebirds converse.

he crouches and leaps

blurs as he flies, then lands.

that reckless squirrel.

One sparrow, then ten.

Buildings hum, windows open.

Wise guy thinks it’s spring.

The fog drops gauze balls

on a jet black umbrella

then it wanders on.

if that little flea

thinks he can colonize me

he’s mistaken

an egret flies by

sets down by a small canal

flaps, and goes to work

If you want breakfast

my old squirrel friend, then you

need to seem humble